Bluebird Transformations has the following online, “Do at your Own Pace” Courses;

  • Be Yourself in 2021
    • A course that helps you identify what holds you back, from where you want to be.
    • Contains 9 Units.
      • 2 Pre Units – activities to support your initial journey
      • 4 Days (Units) of activities to uncover what is holding you back from moving forward in life and in being your authentic self
      • Day 5 we start to discover what you do want (this has been sprinkled through the earlier activities in order to uncover what has held you back, however now we work out what you want instead
      • Day 6 and 7 provides tools you can use immediately to create change in your life and make a difference, however these are consciously driven choices and Next Steps goes through options that are external to the course.
      • We also touch on the 6 elements required for lasting change, and why personal development you (may) have tried to date, has created short term results (for women especially).
    • The training consists of informational videos, components and activities design for you to explore who you are and who you want to be moving forward.
    • Group support and one to one support is offered as optional extras
    • The first part of the training is discovery, as you explore the moments before any behaviour you wish to change starts. This is to identify what drives behaviour unconsciously done (up until now).
    • The last part of the training involves positively looking at the future, with optional activities that will support your change immediately.
    • As we offer CREATRIX®️ Breakthroughs we are well aware the activities within this training, while they support change, are short term. They only last while you consciously choose them, while you are 100% committed to catching old behaviour and replacing it with new behaviour. Therefore the training also covers CREATRIX®️ (how it’s designed and the science behind why it creates profound, lasting change).
    • Your Beliefs Identifier Call is included in the training, as an optional bonus. Here we will go over what you discovered about yourself, any support you require and any “next steps” you want more information about.
    • Contact us to know more and/or to start the course.

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Bluebird Transformations
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