What is a Creatrix®️ Breakthrough?

A CREATRIX® Breakthrough releases you from your inherited past, setting you free for the future YOU to make different choices authentically.

Creatrix® has been designed using the science of Epigentics, neuroscience and the science of Biology. Because it is science based, if you are 100% committed and ready, it results in a profound, lasting change. 

It’s designed specifically for women, working simultaneously at aligning your head, heart and gut, whilst ensuring both your conscious and unconscious minds are fully aware of your inner wisdom.

It clears issues at their deepest core, which is the epigenetic level, on your DNA spool. ‘Epigenetics’ is a science that has proved, we can inherit the beliefs, behaviours and emotions of our ancestors.

When we inherited positive beliefs, values and behaviours we want to keep hold of them, they ensure our successes and happiness. A CREATRIX® Breakthrough will not release anything that is for your highest good.

However any negative DNA inheritance from every ancestor (male and female) who came before us, relating to beliefs, values, emotions and resultant triggered behaviour, can be replaced on your DNA spool during the breakthrough. These inherited behaviours are not yours to keep, with them unconsciously running us we behave (in this lifetime) as those in your bloodline were, when their trauma and pain was first actualised

And we wonder why we can’t stop limiting ourselves….

The process of Creatrix® taps into the wisdom of creation (that only females have access to) and essentially flicks the fear switch on your histones (DNA spool) from ‘On’ to ‘Off’ in just minutes!

Your only challenge is to acknowledge the negative beliefs, values and emotions that are currently running you, giving you outcomes that aren’t aligned with where you want to be in life and the way you want to live your life.

Once you find out what these repetitive thoughts and behavioural patterns are, they can be cleared. And, that’s where a Transformologist®️ can support your journey to re-finding your Authentic Self.

Creatrix®️ also needs the art of a qualified Transformologist®️, who has been trained to find what needs to be cleared quickly and how to keep you safe during the process.

This process is Trauma and Pain Free. You won’t have to retell your story again and again. We just need to focus one more time on whats stopping you moving forward today. We don’t need to know the why, what happened in the past or any other details. After all you’ve had to re-live those stories far too many times already.

In a very simple, (some describe as fun,) closed-eye process, (delivered 1:1 over internet video) one minute you will feel those issues trapped in your body, heart and/or mind and the next minute they just won’t be there and they won’t come back!

This process has a guarantee, on an agreed outcome with you, from our recorded pre-assessment sessions. So you know what will be the outcome, before we start.

Now all there is left for you to do, is to request a Discovery Call today and be 100% committed, to surrendering to the process. We look forward to speaking with you soon and we are so excited for you, as we already know what’s waiting for you on the other side of your CREATRIX®️ Transformation.

Monthly CREATRIX®️ Subscription

Only available, after you have had your initial CREATRIX®️ Transformation.

After your initial CREATRIX®️ breakthrough, you will find you need a period of time as you settle into your authentic self.

When the Big Trees fall in a forest, it clears the way for new saplings and other foliage to compete for sunlight, until a few become the main trees replacing the old one.

Similarly, post your initial CREATRIX®️ Transformation, some underlying beliefs, values or emotions may surface, that you were not aware of and hence were not included in the original breakthrough. This is due to the original list being stronger in previously running any unwanted  behaviour.

You will notice that the words used in new issues surfacing, are not the same as the original issues list, although they may belong in a similar family. For example: If you cleared a thought process like  “I get so angry…” you may find “I’m so annoyed” starts to become a thought. Originally we cleared “I get so angry” and now we can also clear the underlying issue that is “I’m so annoyed”.  So “I’m so annoyed may have always been on your DNA spool however, its voice wasn’t as loud until “I’m so angry … ” got cleared first.

When these issues surface, you can either contact us to book in a Beliefs Identifier Call (BIC) and a full CREATRIX®️ Breakthrough,  or you can stay in touch, via a monthly CREATRIX®️ subscription for less than the cost of a full CREATRIX®️ Breakthrough.

Available to you, per month should you need it, within your CREATRIX®️ Monthly Subscription;

  • one 40 min CREATRIX®️ session to clear underlying issues, since your last session, and
  • one emergency call
  • Free Bonus: Access to our member’s resource library (this normally occurs an additional monthly subscription and will be included at no extra cost).

You can cancel your subscription at any time in writing, with 4 weeks notice, or transfer to the member’s resource library subscription.

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