You want change! Are you committed and ready for change?


Stages on your personal growth journey…


Everyone is unique and at different stages of their life journey. Therefore the stages of readiness for change, described below, are generalised.

No one can know, unless you describe it, where you are on your life path and what you need and/or want from those around you, your loved ones, or a professional.

One thing is certain though, in order for something to be different in your life, you do, need to DO something different.

At Bluebird Transformations, our Transformologists®️ have more than one accreditation, therefore we can meet you at the stage of readiness you are at. They can also remain with you as you grow, making the journey seamless. This means, you won’t need to keep re-telling your story, unless you feel the need to.

You may recognise one or more of the following stages, you may find where you are at overlaps stages and you may even find none of these stages fits you at all.

Stages of change:

  • First stage
    • The issue, beliefs or behaviours you unconsciously display are chronic or there’s a new trauma thats very raw. You want someone to hear your story, which is often a way to start the healing process. You want to be heard, acknowledged, seen, and believed without judgment or advice.
  • Second Stage
    • You’re coming to terms with what’s happened and you start to seek evidence externally, that change is possible. You want someone to ask thought provoking questions, and to hear you, as you start to look at what you can do, to change things yourself. You’re starting to feel like there is a better future for you and you want to accelerate that journey.
  • Third Stage
    • Life has changed positively for you, as you implement what you have learnt from both self help and professional, personal growth resources. Change may hold for months, maybe even a few years, which brings with it happiness and joy. You are frustrated though, when old behaviours and beliefs creep back in, from time to time as they hold you back in life and the cost to you and your loved ones is something you want to avoid. Despite periods of motivation, you feel like it’s 3 steps forward, one step back. One thing you do know is, you can’t go back to stage 1 or 2 anymore. This knowledge and the periods where life is good, spurs you on to find ways for your positive changes to hold longer.
  • Fourth Stage
    • You are 100% ready to clear out any old beliefs, behaviours and unconscious triggered emotions, that are still creeping back into your life. You’re sick and tired of the effort to always catch them and replace them consciously, with positive behaviours. Sure the periods in between are longer now, but you have had enough! You are self motivated and ready to do whatever it takes. Life shouldn’t be this hard to stay on track. You want remaining true to yourself, to be an unconscious, effortless behaviour. You aren’t looking for a magic solution. However, you do know something is missing from what you have tried so far.

Whatever stage you are at in life, Bluebird Transformations has a program that can be tailored for your unique life circumstances. If you feel you need support and guidance, to discover what your next step is, and/or take that next step on your journey, then contact us today to find out more about the programs we offer.

Completing a program of change, tailored just for you, means the questions asked by our Transformologists®️ will be the ones you hadn’t thought to ask yourself or were too hard for you to answer. The modalities, integrated into your program, will empower you to move forward.

Change can only happen when you are committed to change and ready to surrender to the process.

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