Our Clients

When life throws curve balls, you want behaviours that positively supports you ....

Sue has guided many clients to achieve what they wanted, when they had only ever dreamed of doing so.. (up until starting one of her coaching programs).

  • One client completed and produced her play,
  • Another only left home to go to work, and wondered how she would ever meet people (she ended up on "Farmer wants a wife")
  • Another wanted to open a "not for profit" real estate (& did so a few years later, armed with an action plan and the values needed to be successful)
  • Another (a CEO) has become a successful Business Coach, after completing our values elicitation program
  • Another (a bookkeeper) has completed her Accountant's accreditations and runs a successful business, with several employees.
  • and many more examples ...

What dream do you want to achieve???

You want more....

and need clarity and accountability

to discover what that is and

how to make it happen

You're confident, successful, happy.... but

  • something is missing and you're not sure what.

You're wanting to explore what's next in life,

  • And, you want guidance, a plan and the confidence and accountability for making that happen.

  • You've read self help books,
  • You've spent a lot of money on personal development for years,

and yet, sometimes ....

  • you (still) do those same old behaviours, you thought were a thing of the past...
  • And, that frustrates you

It's time for:

  • Clarity of "where to now" in your life.
  • 'Re-program' those old, unwanted behaviours, with inner wisdom
  • Guidance and Accountability with an experienced coach.

It's time for: A faster, supportive path to where you want to go, and who you want to be...

We invite you to book a chat with a coach today, to find out which coaching program you're ready for.

You want more.... and need coaching,

to support your journey,

back home to You!

You've recently left a relationship, you are thinking of leaving,

and/or you're a mother, with the world on your shoulders.

You have no time for you.

You feel like every day is "on repeat". It's Ground Hog Day, everyday.

You are tired, exhausted, drained, from the minute you get up...

You want your old bubbly, fun, adventurous, happy, confident self back, but she left so long ago , you're not sure how to get her back.

It's time for: Guidance in how to start your self discovery journey.

And once you know who you are, what you want in life,

we show you how to you never lose YOU again.

We invite you to book a chat with a coach today, to find out which coaching program you're ready for.