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Next Steps: For Women Who Want More!!

Guiding You To

Gain Clarity, be Yourself


Live the life you were meant to live...

No Matter What Life Throws At You!

"When your inner coach awakens, nothing can be hidden any longer."

What we Do


Discover your core values, driving your behaviour, which determines the results you get in life today.

Your coach will facilitate you to; discover the results you would rather have.

Then using science (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) you will re-wire new core values, to support your success even further.

Accountability coaching is also available for extra support, clarity and to fast track your success

Coming back to You

Sue facilitates women to find or re-find themselves, after losing themselves by choice, or without realising.

Are you an empty nester and after years of being there for your partner and children, it's time to focus on you - but where do you start?

Are you someone who has given you're all to your career, and its now time to slow down, and enjoy your life - but where do you start?

Or maybe without realising it, you lost yourself to relationships; to previous or current partners, to friends, to family, to colleagues, to your job, to your own business, and/or to motherhood. Having now just become aware that you need to re-find you, you are seeking help to do so.


Sue can provide guidance and accountability coaching, for your next career step.

Maybe you've reached a fork in the road, you are thinking of a career change, and you need someone to facilitate you coming up with a plan on how to make that happen.

Maybe you're re-starting your career after choosing to take time raising your children, and you need assistance with resumes, cover letters, and interview role playing

Maybe you want to ask for a raise and/or the position that you deserve, and you want assistance to gain the confidence to do just that.

Maybe you are managing your first team and want a mentor, external to your company and on your side.

Self Care: Creating "Me Time"

Get started by creating time, in your schedule, for "Me" time.

Download our list of 100 Self Care Activities and find that ones that calm you, re-energise you and fill you with happiness!

By relying on yourself, to fill your cup, anything you receive from others will cause your cup to overflow.

And, it's from that overflow you can give to others, thereby never feeling drained, exhausted or tired.


"Life Coaching with Sue has created an awareness of the importance of taking time daily to look after me. I have added daily, weekly and monthly activities into my life because they make me calm, content or happy. As a result I am no longer drained, exhausted by only giving to others. I have learnt that to take care of myself first, gives me the energy to take care of those who depend on me. And the added bonus, my children have a calmer, happier Mum, and that can only be a good thing!

- Cheryl Bellamy