At Bluebird Transformations the sessions revolve around YOU. The initial call is to understand where you are at on your journey, so we can offer you tailored options, that make sense.

During the program, we hold the space for you, so you can be seen, heard and acknowledged, without judgment, freeing you to find your own answers, to your initial questions.

We listen and based on your answers, ask the questions you haven’t thought to ask yourself. We support and guide you, as you answer the questions that were too hard to answer on your own.


Our Transformational Coaches have accreditations in counselling, life coaching, NLP & Timeline therapy and CREATRIX®️ Transformology®️. We can tailor a program with one or more of these modalities in order to guide you, to find your own inner wisdom to create the change YOU want.


At Bluebird Transformations we support women to breakthrough limiting beliefs and find their true authentic selves, after losing themselves in relationships with partners, parents, friends, colleagues, to a job, to your business, to motherhood.

Creatrix® is a unique modality that is designed specifically for women. It removes current and inherited issues, along with emotional trauma, permanently.

It’s quick and enjoyable, and it sets women free to live the life the way they want without emotional triggers and fear.


Please contact us to arrange an initial phone call, or contact us via our facebook page below.

You can also join our facebook page and groups (links below) where support is always available, discussion topics are added, 5 day challenges are shared and transformations encouraged.


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