Bluebird Transformations: For women who want more!

Sue is qualified to support you, no matter where you enter our coaching programs and where you are on your personal development journey.

Whether that is just wanting someone to listen to your story (Counselling), or wanting to move forward with the hope of leaving your painful story behind. Wanting to re-find yourself, wanting to bring your dreams to life with action plans and accountability, and/or create lasting change in your life with clarity of "where to now" and "how do I get there". (Our coaching courses and Programs)

With 25 plus years of accredited experience, in counselling, life coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Somatic & Embodiment coaching, and Creatrix®, and continually making sure she is accredited in the latest personal development methods and tools, Sue is the coach for you.

Sue leads by example. She continues to "walk her talk" with continuous self growth (when it's needed), with a growing comfort zone, and the courage and resilience to keep doing so.

She wants to be the best mum she can be, guiding her own child to be herself always, no matter who is watching or the situation. She lives life with integrity, and turns her dreams into reality with self belief the knowledge she will find a way forward.

It is that philosophy, that makes Sue the coach for you. She is experienced, empathic, with firm guidance to move you forward in every session.


What our clients have to say

"When your inner coach awakens, nothing can be hidden any longer."