Bluebird Transformations: For women who want more!

What is it you are looking to find here?

Our clients all have one thing in common, they want more out of life. And yet what they want, is as unique as they are.

Some want clarity on what are their next steps, even support in finalising what their next goal is.

Others want to re-find who they are: their passion and purpose, and a way to separate them from the many hats they wear (partner, colleague, friend, daughter, sister, Mum).

Others want to know why they are yet to reach their personal, career or business goals or support on how to get to their next level

During a coaching Session:

In a coaching session, Sue asks the questions that you haven't thought of to ask yourself, or were too hard to answer on your own. In holding a safe, supportive space for you to explore what it is you want in life, or what you want to be different, you are finally free to listen to your own inner wisdom guiding you.

Each session is a safe place to explore what limits you from either knowing what you want or (if you know) creating the life you want.

Our core values and beliefs can be both positive or they can hold us back. In our sessions you will discover which core values and beliefs support you and which you want to replace with your own inner wisdom, using a method (based on the science of Biology, Neurology and Epigenetics).

The method we use is safe, pain & trauma free and creates new neurological programming. And if you are sick of repeating your story to each therapist/coach, with this method there is no need to. We start you moving forward from your first session.

Afterwards you will find memories still exist. Your story still exists, yet you won't have the same desire to re-tell it as you once did. The memories, stories and other people's behaviour, that triggered you in the past to behave in a certain way, will no longer hold the same negative charge. Instead you will find new, choice points for neutral, calm behaviour. Your inner wisdom, found in each session, will guide your new chosen behaviour.

All our products and services are online, so we can free women's hearts all around the world, on a day, and a time that suits you. Some of our packages have guarantees, conditional to what each client agrees prior to starting, and on you completing the full program.

All you need is:

✓ the gift of time (to yourself),

✓ a good internet connection,

✓ access to zoom (which you can download for free) and

✓ a private room, where partner, kids, pets, colleagues won't disturb you.

You will still get that personal 1 to 1, face-to-face experience from a video link (zoom) and our clients say they prefer zoom over meeting in person.

The benefits of online Personal Development, Counselling and Coaching programs are:

✓ saves travel time & costs,

✓ being comfortable in the privacy of your own home,

✓ extra confidentiality (not running into someone you know, in the waiting room)

✓ flexibility: can pick a time, before / after work, lunch break, weekend, and/or when your children are asleep

✓ can attend from anywhere in the world (with internet available)

Want to know more or ready to start? You can contact us using the Contact Us link or Book a Call Today to clarified how we can support you further.


What our clients have to say

"When your inner coach awakens, nothing can be hidden any longer."